If you’re anything like me, you were probably fascinated by magnets when you were younger. But the new “smart magnets” in this video just made my jaw drop.

I just saw a video (above) on a new innovation which is a completely new way to not only manufacture magnets, but design them so that they have completely new properties.

In the video above from Smarter Every Day, (the same guy who did the Backwards Brain Bicycle), he goes to see a company called Polymagnet, who can design metals to have specific magnetic patterns so that they can both attract and repel at the same time on the same surface. They can even control the strength of the field over distance.

The part of the video at 5:45 shows how this can produce a “Smart Magnet” hinge which provides smooth closing, but locks in place when rotated.

It blew me away.

This opens up all sorts of ways that companies can produce truly new innovations in the future.

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