Controversial new scientific evidence shows you are likely less creative than you used to be

Studies of more than 581,600+ people reveal how your creativity has been declining over the past few years (or decades)

Fortunately, you are about to learn the 5 simple training activities (based on more than 3 years of research) which can restore and improve your ability to generate unique, original and valuable ideas like never before

If you care about your ability to generate ideas, then I am sorry for what I'm about to share with you. 

Even though it's something you might have suspected was true all along already. 

The BAD NEWS: Recent scientific studies suggest that the entire population is getting less creative over time... 

... and that YOU are also likely less creative than you used to be many years ago. 

It doesn't matter if you're an artist, entrepreneur, innovator or CEO, ideas and the creativity to generate them are becoming harder to turn into something valuable, while at the same time everyone agrees that creativity will only become even more important for future growth. 

Let me show you the studies which provide us with this evidence.

Study #1: Seeing how creativity levels change as 1,600 children grow into adults 

Source: George Land, Breakpoint and Beyond: Mastering the Future Today, 1998 

Prof. George Land assessed the creativity of 1,600 children as part of a NASA study in the 1960s, and proceeded to re-test the same children as they grew older (known as a longitudinal study). 

What he found is that while at age 5 a whopping 98% of children scored at a "genius" level for creativity, by the time those same children were in high school at age 15, only 12% were still as creative. Even worse, a test of more than 280k adults showed that only 2% of adults still score as creative geniuses. 

This clearly shows how everyone's creativity and ability to generate new ideas is naturally decreasing as we get older, and this likely happened to you as well (and may be continuing to happen unless you do something about it).

Study #2: Seeing how creativity levels of 300,000 people have changed over the past few decades 

Source: Kyung Hee Kim: The Creativity Crisis: The Decrease in Creative Thinking Scoreso n the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, Creativity Research Journal, 2011 

Prof. Kyung Hee Kim analysed the rests of several major creativity assessments over several decades, including the results of more than 300k people, to see how scores were changing over time. 

What they found was that from 1990 to 2008 there was a steady decline in the average creativity of people taking the assessments. 

Something is going on in the general population which is making us less able to come up with orginal & valuable ideas.

But now for the GOOD NEWS: After more than 3 years of research into finding out how creativity works, you're about to learn the simple sets of activities which can reverse your trend of losing creativity, and regain and even improve your ability to generate ideas. 

Want to learn how? Then read on.

How I found the secrets of creativity

Hi, I'm Nick Skillicorn, internationally renowned expert in Creativity and Innovation.

I might be fortunate now, but my journey to find the secrets behind where great ideas come from wasn't straightforward. You see, I started my working career with one of the biggest consulting firms in the world in London, where eventually stayed for more than 7 years, working with some of the biggest corporations out there. While it afforded me an amazing lifestyle, there was always a degree of frustration in the back of my mind when I was doing programme management on these multi-million (sometimes multi-billion) Pound programmes: I was only ever helping to prevent risk and implement huge, old-style new programmes. 

What I wanted to do was help companies look to the future and become excited about new ideas, yet all I ever heard was "Hmm, that sounds like it might not work", "It's too risky" and the ultimate classic "We've always done it this way".

So I decided that if I was actually going to be able to help companies and individuals like yourself get the most from their ideas, I needed to find a better way of doing it. I dedicate my work to finding out the secrets behind how creativity actually works, based on scientific evidence, which is why you'll often hear me quoting research and studies which no other experts have even heard about.

Now, I'm glad to say I've already helped thousands of Artists, CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Innovators like you through my speeches, eLearning courses, video training, Webinars and consultations. And I want to help you too.

But enough about me. Let me show you what you're really here for. The simple 5 activities which I have found to significantly restore and improve the creativity of anybody, no matter where you may be now.

The simple 5 activities to improve creativity 

Based on all of my research so far, I have found that if you want to restore the creativity you may have lost, it really boils down to five major training activities which can have an immediate and positive impact on your ability to generate unique, valuable, breakthrough ideas.

BONUS TIP: Later on I'm going to show you a special bonus eLearning course you can get for FREE if you want more details on how and why each of these types of exercises work, including detailed instructions on how to fit them into your daily rituals

At a high level, these are the 5 activities you should be doing:

5. Unfocused time

Your best ideas come to you when you're not expecting them, like in the shower. Why? Research suggests that you have different parts of your brain working at different speeds depending on how much energy is being used for focus and higher functions. If you enable yourself to get into a lower mental energy state for 15 minutes a day, it will make it more likely that you can have moments of insight where truly new ideas are able to form and come from your subconcious.

Recommended frequency: Daily

4. Focus on challenges

In today's world, it is easy to get distracted by work which does nothing except keep us busy, without actually getting anything done. This is how you can spend a whole day in meetings and at the end of the day think "I've achieved nothing!". This is why you must be able to decide which of your work is both important and urgent, and which challenges require solving to progress. Listing out your ideas for these challenges each day ensures you don't waste time and know which ideas to focus on.

Recommended frequency: Daily

3. Variety & New experiences

They say that variety is the spice of life, and the science shows that this is also true for your creativity. A recent study showed that when a group of students had their routine and experiences changed, they experienced an immediate 14% improvement in creative scores. New experiences and new knowledge also enable the brain to form a much larger combination of new connections, resulting in more original ideas.

Recommended frequency: Weekly

2. Personal creative projects 

What is the biggest frustration felt by many creative people? It's not that they can't come up with ideas, but instead that the ideas never seem to progress into anything further. To combat this, an effective strategy is to have a personal creative project you work on just for yourself. Not to be judged by other people or to make money, but instead to prove to yourself that you can force yourself to execute an idea, no matter how small, in a fixed time period. And the next time, try to improve it just slightly.

Recommended frequency: Monthly

1. Deep Creativity Training (most effective

The ultimate form of creativity training is something which engages the creative parts of your brain and actually trains them to become better at performing, much like going to the gym on a regular basis works for your muscles.

This is achieved by setting aside specific time on a regular basis to come up with creative solutions to open-ended challenges. Instead of trying to find the single correct answer, these exercises are all about forcing your brain to push past the initial set of boring ideas, into the more original and creative ideas which come afterwards.

Recommended frequency: Daily

The problem is that this sort of training hasn't been available at all, since up until recently you would need someone individually setting you creative challenges each day, which would be extortionately expensive. Getting a whole list of exercises in a book also doesn't seem to work, as if your brain sees challenges in advance, it will not react as spontaneously when it comes to solving them later on.

But now, thanks to advances in eLearning systems and the advanced technology behind Idea to Value's website, we can finally provide a solution to help everyone really take control of improving their creativity in a structured, daily set of exercises available nowhere else.

Introducing: the completely new Deep Creativity Training system, available exclusively here by Nick Skillicorn

How does Deep Creativity Training Work

Deep Creativity Training gives you a set of creativity challenges each day to which you think of as many varied and original solutions as you can within a time limit.

For example, in the image listed here are some of the possible responses to a creativity challenge of "How can you move a sleeping elephant 100 feet?"

The exercises each day are structured like this:

  • World-exclusive training: 3x unique daily, time limited exercises 
  • Trains multiple types of your creativity: 5 types of exercises 
  • Challenges you: Focus on improvement, not for giggles 
  • Builds Divergent thinking: Open-ended with no correct answer 
  • Available whenever you want: New ones released each day in our eLearning format 
  • Evidence-based: Based on proven creativity assessment techniques

The fact that it is not searching for a single "correct answer" forces your brain to consider a wide variety of new ways to approach the problem, and all future problems it encounters. 

Other things which these exercises help you achieve:

  • Forces you to push beyond the “obvious” answers 
  • Help you push past your comfort barrier 
  • Engage and train several types of creativity 
  • Regular, structured progress 
  • Guides you along a path to success 
  • Have fun while being challenged

Testimonials: What do the people who used it think?

Listen to what the people who have used it have to say

For me, creativity is something that I know I've always had, but felt I wasn't using it enough and at one time I thought I had abandoned when I was working in a non-creative job. My frustration was not seeing just how I really was using creativity more than most people probably do. I am producing consistently, but I move onto other things before previous projects are completed or become successful. 

After working with Nick I learned that I'm hyper-creative and that I was putting too much pressure on myself to get more things done than was possible sometimes. Realizing I never really abandoned my creativity has helped me to feel better about times in the past when I thought I had given up on my creative life. 

With Nick's creativity training program, I'm breaking down my goals into more manageable steps, one goal at a time.

Stephanie Miles – USA - Artist, Designer, Teacher, and more at

See what Stephanie had to say in the video

Yes, I want to regain my creative spark as well! -- Purchase Deep Creativity now

Before I started the programme, I didn’t feel creative at all. I was frustrated that I could hardly form new ideas, besides ones which were very boring and not very original. When a problem came out all I could think of was a very logical approach, which also meant boring answers. 

I previously thought that creativity was all about combining old ideas from scratch, or using them as building blocks. But now, after going through the regular creativity exercises, I am more willing to push ideas further, past the old boring idea mode, into crazy new ideas which are further away from the main topic. 

Even with my incredibly busy schedule, I have consistently found time to do the exercises, which provide me a real challenge but keep me coming back for more. 

Xhee Liang, Goh – Malaysia - Business Strategy Consultant / Quality Assurance Technician

Before starting the training, I understood that creativity is something that may be cultivated but I was not sure how to do it. Also, I had not understood the way creativity works in physical terms, not even closely. 

I previously felt I had some original and worthy ideas, but somewhere in the process of applying the ideas I would get stuck and discouraged, would lose faith and interest, and would get disoriented by every-day struggle. 

The creativity training exercises really help me make a schedule and follow it. They are fun and also make it quite easy for me to understand my progress. The exercises push my brain to follow different paths than the ones it is used to and this is a big challenge, but when it happens I get great joy! 

Konstantina Pantziou - Greece - Development Programmes Consultant 

Watch to what Konstantina had to say in the video 

Before the creativity insights information I had heard of some tricks about creativity and a fair amount about innovation, but I had not run across a succinct program and opportunity to quickly get moving and start doing. 

The insight that I found most practical, basic and important is that when I have an easy method with a low time commitment for me to exercise my creativity – I will do it fairly consistently and feel good about it. The effect is not that I think I’m a super-star now, but that I like working my creative muscles and so having the quick, convenient, simple outlet allows me to do that. 

The second important insight that comes immediately to mind is that the training is so much more difficult than everyday creativity. The training has been harder than I thought. To get something you have never thought about, look at it and go – “be creative”, I have to believe I’m growing because of it. 

Danny O’Rourke – USA - Solution Architect & Business Development Director at Solution Minder LLC 

Before starting the programme, I knew a lot about creativity having read the major research, origins, and theories. What I believe Nick has brought to light is the systematic way in which creativity can increase. For those that believe they just aren't gifted with creativity or for those in a rut, this is exciting! As a professor I always knew that creativity could be nurtured but I didn't necessarily believe that it could be increased systematically and measurably....I am convinced now that it can. 

Previously, I was frustrated that so many ideas seem to come simultaneously that I cannot get them all down on paper fast enough. I was looking to for a controlled way to focus my creativity and the Deep Creativity Training did that for me. 

Creativity requires practice, it is not just "there." One may be naturally gifted, but without exercising that gift I believe creativity can stall. I now believe it’s important to exercise one's creativity daily in a focused way, not just by engaging in creative activities. I greatly value the training as a missing piece of my creative life--a great investment of time! 

Susan Sharp – USA - Professor/ Speaker/ Artist @A Sharp Difference

Listen to Susan's experience in the video

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The Science of improving your creativity

In this exclusive eLearning training series, with more than 90 minutes of informative videos, I show you some of our most important recent insights into how creativity actually works. You will learn:

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  • How academics manage to study creativity
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100% Money Back Guarantee

I want to make sure that you are constantly getting value.

That's why I include my money back guarantee. If you practice the exercises and don't feel like your creativity as been challenged, you can get a full refund within 30 days.

Additionally, the entire website is built from the ground up for security. All of our payments are processed by Stripe, a worldwide leader in secure credit card payments. The site is hosted on the Amazon Web Services backbone for stability, speed and security, and every single page is encrypted using HTTPS SSL security.

Bonus #2: Support a great charity

Since I was a young man growing up in South East Asia, there has been a charity which has been very close to my heart.

It's called Tabitha, and it aims to support women, families and communities in Cambodia.

For the past few years, since my business has finally become successful, I support Tabitha by donating 5% of all of my revenue (that's right, revenue, not profit) to them to support the amazing work they do.

In the past few decades, the communities of Cambodia have been battling something you wouldn't expect for the tropics: Drought. Entire regions of land have become parched as rains are diminishing, preventing families from being able to make a living and feed themselves anymore.

Tabitha therefore is helping to build simple wells so people can access the plentiful groundwater right below them, and it is already changing lives. Last year, my business (through support of customers like yourself), managed to help pay for 10 new wells like the ones in the left picture. And only a few months later, these wells are transforming what was barren land into fertile farms, like the one on the left.

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Are you worth investing in?

So you've made it this far, and that tells me something very important about you:

  • You're serious about improving your ability to generate original and valuable ideas
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But it's only going to happen if you do it now. Imagine yourself in 5 years time, still feeling the frustrations you currently have. 

The only way to prevent that is to finally take action. 

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