All interview sessions with experts will be pre-recorded using online Webinar software as a simple interview format between you and the host (Nick Skillicorn). These will then be allocated a dedicated webinar slot throughout the summit dates, which will allow attendees to pick and choose exactly which sessions they would like to watch. By pre-recording the sessions, it ends up being a significantly better experience for the viewer since the session won’t crash and will enable a larger audience size to enjoy higher-quality video.

Expert interviews will be between 18-25 minutes, which we have found is the ideal length of time to keep a viewer’s attention and get your message across, and will be mainly just an interview on your insights about a specific topic of innovation or creativity, which you can discuss with Nick before recording begins.

All attendees can access all of the webinars FREE if they sign up before the end of the summit and watch them live, or watch a free replay within 48 hours. If they want to continue watching them after these dates, they can get an All Access Pass.

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