As we have previously mentioned, it is completely 100% free for anyone to sign up for the summit and view all of the sessions for a limited time.

However, there is also the opportunity for people to upgrade their free pass to an All-Access Pass, which will allow them to get lifetime access to all of the sessions and view them an unlimited number of times. This All-Access Pass will be discounted to $97 during the summit itself, after which it be sold at its full price of $297.

For anyone who will let their audience know about the Summit and encourage people to sign up for it, there will also be an affiliate system where anyone who sends a person to the signup page will receive 33% of any and all revenue received by all of the purchases from that person, including from other Idea to Value products like premium eLearning.

Finally, like with all revenue we earn, 5% of all revenue from this event goes to our partner charity Tabitha, who do amazing work supporting communities in Cambodia. You can find out more about them here.

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