We have made it as simple as possible to be a speaker and give a great session which the audience will love.

All we need is 45 minutes, to be scheduled in with you using Nick Skillicorn’s online scheduling system.

This session needs to be recorded in between now and the second week of March 2017, in order to ensure that you will be included in all of the communications for the summit and that we have time to produce any bonus materials for attendees, like audio transcriptions.

The interview will be conducted using our Webinar software (WebinarJam) and will run as follows:

  1. You and Nick log in using a link that Nick sends you
  2. Have a quick chat before recording happens, to agree things like the topic to focus on
  3. Recording begins
  4. 18 – 25 minute video interview about yourself, your expertise in the topic of creativity / innovation, and the valuable insights which the audience should know (things like case studies, research statistics and ways to improve performance work amazingly well here)
  5. A final thought / piece of advice for the audience
  6. What the audience should do next to find out more (here we will add a big button in the webinar to take them to a link of your choosing, like your website, Amazon, Youtube etc…)
  7. Recording Ends

Done! We will then schedule your session in to the summit calendar.

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