If you are interested, we will set you up as with a special revenue-sharing affiliate account. This will give you a special link code which shows our system that a purchase came from someone who signed up using your unique link. So all you need to do is encourage your audience to go to the registration page using your personal link (via email, social media etc). In other summits it works especially well if you reference that you will have an exclusive interview session, which is therefore extremely appealing to the people who know about you.

We will even help you out by preparing some sample text to make sharing as stress-free as possible.

But of course, that is all optional.

Additionally, at the end of each interview session the speaker can encourage people to complete a specific action which we will provide a big button to click on in the webinar (like signing up for your newsletter, getting your book on Amazon or going to your “book a consultation” page…).

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