Innovation & Creativity Summit 2017 with Nick Skillicorn and other experts

2 - 9 April 2017 

The Innovation and Creativity Summit was designed to turbocharge your ability to generate and execute breakthrough new ideas, and take back control over your own creativity. The experts collected for this summit want to help you understand how your own creative ability works, lead innovation teams, launch successful products & services, enjoy more of your life, and do it all from an evidence-based perspective.  

The experts sharing their insights and stories are all leaders in their field. Each speaker will share the unique research and insights into what it takes to get value from your ideas, and the proven tactics that you can applied to find similar success. The insights on this summit can change how you act for the better...will you let them?

The summit itself will be divided into three topics:

Understanding Creativity

What is the latest scientific research telling us about how we get ideas, and how this ability can be enhanced?

Managing Innovation

How can your teams bring new consistently successful products to the market, while lowering risk and managing innovation effectively?

Leading innovation

What does it take to foster a culture where innovation flourishes naturally and where everyone feels they can add value?

The experts you'll be learning from

Karen Dillon

Karen Dillon - Former editor of Harvard Business Review, Co-Author of Competing Against Luck

Nick Skillicorn

Nick Skillicorn - Summit Host, Founder of Improvides Innovation Consulting

Mark Runco

Dr Mark A Runco - Editor of the Creativity Research Journal

David Burkus

David Burkus - Author of Under New Management & Myths of Creativity

Jennifer Mueller

Dr Jennifer Mueller - Author of Creative Change

Erik Wahl

Erik Wahl - Author of The Spark and the Grind

Holly Green

Holly Green- Founder of The Human Factor

Alan Iny

Alan Iny - Head of Creativity at Boston Consulting Group

Stephen Shapiro

Stephen Shapiro - Author of Best Practices are Stupid

Mark Batey

Dr Mark Batey - Manchester Business School

Chris Beswick

Cris Beswick - Author of Building a Culture of Innovation

Adam Meggido

Adam Meggido - Co-creator of Showstopper! The Improvised Musical

Janet Sernack

Janet Sernack - Founder of ImagineNation

Kevin McFarthing

Dr Kevin McFarthing - Founder of Innovation Fixer

Simon Hill

Simon Hill - Founder of Wazoku

Greg Satell

Greg Satell - Author of Mapping Innovation

Mitch Ditkoff

Mitch Ditkoff - Founder of Idea Champions

Kyung Hee Kim

Dr KH Kim - author of The Creativity Challenge: How We Can Recapture American Innovation

Peter Cook

Peter Cook - Author of Leading Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise

James Taylor

James Taylor - Host of the Creative Life Podcast

Drew Boyd

Drew Boyd - Author of Inside the Box

James Kaufman

Dr James Kaufman - Author of Creativity 101

Roni Reiter-Palmon

Dr Roni Reiter-Palmon - Editor of The Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts

Gijs Van Wulfen

Gijs Van Wulfen - Founder of the FORTH Innovation methodology

Max McKeown

Dr Max McKeown - Author of The Innovation Book

Patti Clark

Patti Clark - Author of This Way Up

Soren Kaplan

Soren Kaplan - USC Center for Effective Organizations & Author of The Invisible Advantage

Michael Graber

Michael Graber - Founder of Southern Growth Studio

Leigh Stringer

Leigh Stringer - Author of The Green Workplace

Paul Sloane

Paul Sloane - Author of Think like an Innovator

Jorge Barba

Jorge Barba - President at Baja California Innovation Cluster

Keith Sawyer

Dr Keith Sawyer - Author of Zig Zag: The Surprising Path to Greater Creativity

Alan Gregerman

Alan Gregerman - Author of the Necessity of Strangers

Gregg Fraley

Gregg Fraley - Author of Jack's Notebook

Art Markman

Dr Art Markman - Author of Brain Briefs: Answers to the most (and least) pressing questions about your mind

David Goldstein

David Goldstein - Author of Creative You

Lisa Bodell

Lisa Bodell - Author of Why Simple Wins and founder of FutureThink

Bryan Mattimore

Bryan Mattimore - Author of 21 Days to a Big Idea

Mark Bidwell

Mark Bidwell - CEO Innovation Ecosystem and Chairman BC Platforms

Shad Kunkle

Shad Kunkle - Touring member of Second City Chicago

Austin Hill Shaw

Austin Hill Shaw - Founder of Creativity Matters

Paul Hobcraft

Paul Hobcraft - Founder of Agility Innovation

Neil Mullarkey

Neil Mullarkey - Actor and Co-Founder of the Comedy Store Players

Arne Dietrich

Dr Arne Dietrich - Author of How Creativity Happens in the Brain

Jack Goncalo

Dr Jack Goncalo - Professor at University of Illinois

Warren Berger

Warren Berger - Author of A More Beautiful Question

Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw - host of Creative Warriors podcast

Matthew E May

Matthew E May - Author of Winning the Brain Game

Ralph-Christian Ohr

Dr Ralph-Christian Ohr - Founder of Integrative Innovation

Taddy Hall

Taddy Hall - Principal at The Cambridge Group; Leader of The Breakthrough Innovation Project

Denise Jacobs

Denise Jacobs - Author of Banish Your Inner Critic: Silence the Voice of Self-doubt, Unleash Creativity, and Do Your Best Work

Mike Brown

Mike Brown - Founder of Brainzooming

What makes this summit special?

Unique presenters

1. You won't find this collection of experts anywhere else

Every single one of the experts presenting at this event was hand-chosen as they are an expert in their respective field. They will include 45+ neuroscientists & clinical psychologists studying creativity, artists, innovation thought leaders and people who have helped design and launch some of the most successful products out there. Put simply, this is the cream of the crop when it comes to who you should be listening to about innovation and creativity.

No travel required

2. No travel required, it's all online

Finally, a summit where you don't have to pay for the ticket, flight, expensive hotel, food and headache tablets, only to end up sitting in a ballroom where it is either hot as a sauna or freezing like the arctic. Instead, you can tune in to each and every talk from wherever you are, requiring nothing more than an internet connection.


3. You will learn new insights to help you break through your barriers

It is vital to continue to invest in yourself to grow, professionally and personally. The insights which you will learn at this summit will help you break through whatever is stopping you from taking your ideas and finally making them happen. Whether it is learning how to talk to your boss about your new ideas, breaking through your writer's block or finding out why your customers aren't reacting the way you expected, you will definitely learn something that will make a fundamental difference in how you view innovation and creativity.


4. You are in control of what and when you want to learn

Every session is hosted as an online webinar, which brings a wealth of advantages to you. Not only can you pick and choose exactly which session you want to listen to (as there will never be the problem of having to choose one and miss another), but in case you are busy while one of the sessions is going on, you can catch the replay for up to 48 hours for free as well. Plus, with the All-Access Pass, you'll get lifetime membership to every session.