Every time you produce something creative, there is a high chance that it might fail.

It doesn’t matter if it is an innovative new product idea, a new song, or a new recipe.

Whatever you produce, and no matter how successful you have previously been, it does not mean that customers will want what you have produced.

For example, in recent years Hollywood films have more frequently begun to “bomb” at the box office, taking in less ticket sales than was expected. Often this means that a film will not even make enough money to cover the cost of producing it.

While this risk of bombing has always existed, it appears to happen more and more frequently nowadays, with people having access to an almost unlimited selection of entertainment from streaming services at their fingertips.

For every Oppenheimer or Top Gun: Maverick which overperforms at the box office, there are countless other expensive films released which fail to meet expectations. In 2024, actor Henry Cavill even had two successive films which bombed (Argylle and The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare), so even having a star is no guarantee of success.

The research even backs up this concept. Numerous studies have shown that even renowned creative geniuses in fields ranging from the arts to science are just as likely to come up with insignificant ideas and products which fail to get much attention, as they are to produce work which is remembered.

The difference is that they produce much more work. And by the equal-odds rule, the will have more good ideas which are remembered, as well as more bad ideas which are forgotten.

So just remember, you do not need to do everything you can to guarantee your creative idea will be a success.

You need to put yourself in a position where you can produce enough to make it more likely that one of them can be a success.

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