In today’s episode of the Idea to Value Podcast, I speak with one of the creators of the world-famous alcoholic drink: Bailey’s Irish Cream, David Gluckman.

A successful brand innovator, David has worked in product development with the world’s largest drinks manufacturers for several decades, also helping to bring out other successful brands like Smirnoff Black, Le Piat d’Or, Purdey’s, Aqua Libra, Tanqueray Ten, Cîroc, Coole Swan and many others.

We also talk about the stories from his new book “That S*it will never sell”

We talk about what it takes to find an idea for a new product.

Things discussed in this week’s interview:

  • Even good ideas take a long time to become a success. It took Baileys about 5-7 years to become a worldwide success. (02:30)
  • In order for a new idea to gain traction within a company, it needs to get support from someone quite senior who sees the potential, even if that person doesn’t like the product themselves (05:30)
  • Often, middle management ends up getting in the way because they simply do not have the authority to say yes and enable ideas (06:30)
  • The consumer is not always right, especially in focus groups. They don’t really care about the product. Market research is put on too high a pedestal (08:00)
  • If you want to come up with a good solution, you need to really understand your client’s problem (09:15)
  • You should always check your product with consumers, as they will give you insights and viewpoints you would never have thought of, but you need to know which insights to listen to (10:00)
  • The best work is created as a dialogue between the briefer and the creator (13:30)
  • In order to get an idea to work, you need commitment from the right people in various parts of the business and have them take ownership (14:30)
  • You should never have a Plan B (18:00)
  • Research will never give you all the confidence that a product will work (19:00)
  • “Consumer don’t know what they like, but they like what they know” (20:30)

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