2 07, 2021

Podcast S5E122: Robin Gaster – The secret ways that Amazon innovates

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In this episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with head of Incumetrics and innovation author, Robin Gaster. We talk about the giant that is Amazon, how it manages to innovate and whether this is a sustainable model of innovation for other companies. Topics covered in this episode: 00:02:00 - Why Robin thinks [...]

4 02, 2018

Amazon Go is the future of supermarkets. But right now it allows you to steal tampons.

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Amazon has just taken another step towards owning your entire shopping experience, by opening the world's first supermarket where you just pick up whatever you want and leave. As shown in the video demonstration above, Amazon Go is a pilot test concept store in Seattle where Amazon is testing out the technology for a fully [...]

22 12, 2016

What Top Gear vs. The Grand Tour teaches us about creativity vs ownership

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You may be asking yourself what comparing two shows about fast cars has to do with creativity. The answer is ... quite a lot actually. Let me explain. It all comes down to a complicated juggling act which everyone and every company struggles with at one point or another: The legacy of previous ideas vs [...]