12 03, 2020

When tough times are ahead, you should double down on innovation

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As I’m writing this, the last couple of weeks have been quite eventful around the world. There’s a lot of uncertainty and even panic regarding the coronavirus, its current and potential impact on our economy, and of course, its effects on people all around the world. As a result, we’re seeing more and more action [...]

18 11, 2018

Embrace Disruption: two tips on making change happen

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The experience of change can be enriching, rewarding and beautiful as well as uncomfortable, costly and painful. I have been an evangelist of change in organizations for my whole working life and I have witnessed the pride and enthusiasm of new ideas going live and the bitterness and frustration of people who would prefer not [...]

20 08, 2018

Sleeping with the enemy: The pain of innovation disrupting your industry

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I'd like to start today's article with a story about something that shook me up a bit recently. I recently bought a diamond engagement ring at an amazing online store, but needed to get the size adjusted slightly. Instead of sending it back to the USA by post, I decided to find a good quality [...]

13 05, 2016

The secret to this government department’s innovation success: Small teams

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Is it possible for government agencies to innovate? Yes, if they use the right people. And in the case of the US Government: a startup mentality. In the video above, Haley Van Dyck outlines how her teams at the United States Digital Service used the skills and techniques of Silicon Valley to effect real change in [...]

10 05, 2016

The best ways for fostering innovation in large companies

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I was recently asked to contribute to an expert roundup article by Anthony J James, who was recently voted Linkedin's Asia Pacific Agency Publisher of the Year. Amongst several other innovation thought leaders, he wanted to know my thoughts on what it takes to get large companies to be more willing to try out disruptive [...]