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22 07, 2016

How tennis balls are made

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Small, green, fuzzy and a favorite of pets everywhere, tennis balls are one of the most popular pieces of sports equipment in the world. But how are they made? Vimeo user Benedict Redgrove uploaded a video he made documenting the whole process from start to finish at the Wilson factory for balls destined for the [...]

8 05, 2016

How are chains made?

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You see them everywhere in industry, hauling some of the world's heaviest loads. But have you ever wondered how metal chains are actually put together? In today’s Curiosity Sparks episode, we’re going to look at how metal chains are produced. Learning new knowledge about how the world works, especially of industries outside of your expertise, has been [...]

5 05, 2016

How is German Beer made? And how it prevented innovation

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The cleanest tasting, highest quality beer in the world has to be from Germany. [Editor's note: Ok, perhaps I am a bit biased] In today's Curiosity Sparks episode, we're going to look at how beer (and German Beer in particular) is produced. And the interesting duality that developed between a focus on quality and it preventing innovation. [...]