2 06, 2021

What is the difference between Innovation, Invention and an Idea?

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I am a big fan of the TV show Dragon's Den (UK), also called Shark Tank (USA). It is always entertaining to watch the inventors trying to get support for their new ideas and inventions, which they are convinced are going to change the world. However, an invention is not the same as an innovation. [...]

2 09, 2016

10 Famous inventions that were the culmination of other people’s work

By |2016-11-04T10:37:45+01:00September 2nd, 2016|Innovation|32 Comments

A dirty (yet open) secret about innovation is that most great breakthroughs don't happen thanks to a single lone genius. While history is full of stories of famous inventors, who are often national heroes, in almost every case they were just the first people to improve an existing system to the final stage where it [...]

18 03, 2016

What is innovation? 26 experts share their innovation definition

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I spoke to 26 of the world's leading innovation experts to get their definition of "innovation". The variety in their responses may surprise you. Content Introduction Nick Skillicorn David Burkus Stephen Shapiro Pete Foley Gijs van Wulfen Kevin McFarthing Robert Brands Paul Hobcraft Mike Shipulski Paul Sloane Jeffrey Baumgartner Stefan Lindegaard Drew Boyd Michael Graber [...]