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19 07, 2017

Why Asian People Are Uncreative? Why Jewish People Are Creative?

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Please note, this is a contributor article by Dr KH Kim and discusses her research, and should not be construed as a generalisation of any group of people. Creativity is the process of making something unique and useful, and the successful outcome of this process is an innovation. My research coalesced around the three steps [...]

26 05, 2017

Persistence: The Key to Creativity and Innovation

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A persistent attitude is one of the 27 characteristics found in the greatest innovators (Kim, 2016). It is defined as continuously striving and committing to goals regardless of immediate rewards. It is one of the most critical creative attitudes. Innovators are passionate about and committed to their goals, which compels them to persist physically and [...]

28 04, 2017

The Creativity Crisis: It’s Getting Worse

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In this very special guest post by Professor KH Kim, we find out the updated facts of what is happening to people's creativity levels over the past decades, now with updated statistics for 2017 and updated research published in 2021. This is a follow-up to what I consider to be one of the most important [...]