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9 02, 2022

Status Quo bias: Why people are resistant to change

By |2022-02-09T16:30:21+01:00February 9th, 2022|Curiosity|0 Comments

In innovation projects, we often hear about companies resisting a change to the status quo. In this case, the status quo being how things are currently done. As a result, many innovation projects fail at the final hurdle, when they are asked to actually implement the change they were designed for. But is this preference [...]

8 07, 2016

How making Pros & Cons lists damage your innovation projects without you realising

By |2016-11-04T10:37:54+01:00July 8th, 2016|Innovation|1 Comment

The science suggests that we will naturally try to find reasons to reject an idea before it begins. Could this most simple of all benefits analysis activities actually be one of the most harmful you can do at your business? I just got back from a lunch with a dear friend of mine, who was [...]