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CONGRATULATIONS on being part of the summit!

The Innovation and Creativity Summit was designed to help you understand your creativity, develop breakthrough new innovations with your teams and develop a innovative culture where ideas don't die, but thrive!

This isn't just any group of people giving you advice. I have hand-selected each of the 45+ expert speakers because they give you some of the best insights in the world around how to get the most from your ideas. This is by far the biggest and best selection of thought leaders available ANYWHERE, EVER! 

Learn from them and you will have better ideas, more confidence and more success from your innovation efforts. I've worked in this industry for years, and even I learned lessons from these experts which completely changed my perspective on how to get value out of creativity and innovation.

I look forward to helping you take your creativity and innovation to the next level.

- Nick Skillicorn

Summit Host, Renowned Innovation & Creativity Expert, Author, Speaker and founder of Idea to Value

What You'll Learn

This summit features interviews with experts which you will not find anywhere else. You'll learn things which could completely change the way you think about generating and executing ideas, and getting more value out of them. 

Here's just a short set of highlights of what you will learn:

  • Where in the brain your creativity is located
  • The Wrong Way (and Right Way) to brainstorm
  • Whether some people are born more creative than others, and if this can be improved
  • What prevents people from sharing their best ideas (how to overcome the fear)
  • How to find out which innovations your customers really want, without investing millions of dollars
  • How to help senior leadership to take innovation seriously
  • How to get buy-in for early stage ideas
  • How to build a culture where innovation thrives

Important: remember, all the videos are only available for free for 72 hours after they are live!

What if I can't watch all the sessions live?


I understand what you mean.

You've signed up but you can't make each session every single day. You want the benefits of all this knowledge but you need it on your schedule. You've got FOMO (fear of missing out). 

So invest in yourself. 

With the All-Access Pass, you'll be able to watch and study all of these powerful sessions on your own time. You'll get lifetime access to these valuable interviews and you'll never have to worry that you're missing out. Then, you can re-watch or re-listen however much you want to get maximum value. 

And trust me, you're going to want to watch these several times to really let everything sink in.

With the All-Access Pass, you'll be able to:

  • Watch every session whenever is convenient for you
  • Re-watch every interview an unlimited number of times with Lifetime Access
  • Listen to the interviews as high-quality MP3 audio files (great for commuting, travel or at the gym)
  • Read full written transcripts of each interview, fantastic for research and sharing with colleagues
  • Have confidence that you are taking back control of your creativity and investing in your future success!
  • Get the EXCLUSIVE BONUSES only included with the All-Access Pass

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Exclusive Bonuses:

In addition to the amazing, world-exclusive content within the interviews themselves, when you purchase the All-Access Pass you also get some exclusive bonuses not available to other summit attendees:

impress your boss

“Impress your Boss” 45 minute Executive summary video

We know you're busy. So is your boss. But in this exclusive video, Nick Skillicorn will highlight the key findings of each interview within a minute, so you can share the most important insights with everyone in less than the time of a lunch hour.

find it fast

“Find it fast” Interview Recommendations 

Want to know exactly which videos to start watching, depending on what you're interested in learning. Nick has put together several playlists of videos grouped by the types of insights you'll get, to save you the hassle of searching.

get value today

“Get value today” eBook of tips you can try this afternoon 

Some of the most valuable insights from the summit are the tips the experts share at the end of each interview. You'll get them all in a handy eBook format so you can pick and choose which ones to try out today!

Remember, these bonuses are not available to people who don't have the All-Access Pass, so don't miss out, and invest in yourself today!



...for only $197 $397

The All-Access Pass includes:

Video interviews (20+ hours... streaming)

 $1,000 value

Audio interviews (mp3)

$500 value

Full interview transcripts (PDF)

$300 value

Exclusive Bonuses (outlined above)

$250 value

100% Money Back Guarantee


We are so confident that you'll get massive value from the insights in this summit that we are willing to Guarantee it!

Your All-Access Pass to the Innovation and Creativity Summit comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t love it, get your money back within 30 days. Guaranteed.  

Learn and take massive action by applying these lessons from our experts and diving into our incredible bonuses. Check out all the amazing videos. If you aren't satisfied, no problem, we'll refund your money with no questions asked.



...for only $197 $397