About Us

Creativity is important.

In fact it’s vital.

However, there’s a big challenge: coming up with ideas and implementing them is hard. Very hard in many cases. You’ve probably felt this yourself and how frustrating it can be.

The good news is that there is an increasing number of studies which show clear evidence of how creativity and innovation capabilities can be improved.

But there is a huge problem with this.

Most of the advice out there on getting better ideas is average at best, and in many cases it is just lies

At Idea to Value, we care about finding out what actually makes a difference in people’s abilities to generate breakthrough new ideas, and then what it takes to turn them into a reality.

So we are gathering insights and articles from some of the world’s leading experts on creativity and innovation to help you turn your ideas in something valuable.

Whether you’re an Artist producing their next piece of work, an Entrepreneur growing your business, a CEO leading innovation within a company or just someone interested in ideas, we’d like you to join our community.

What sort of content will I find here?

Based on recent research, we’ve determined the sorts of information and formats which actually help people build their skills, rather than just be interesting or entertaining.

So the sorts of articles and media you’ll find as a member here includes the following:

  • Creativity: Research and studies on what improves your ability to generate ideas
  • Innovation: Research and case studies on getting companies and teams to implement ideas
  • Inspiration: Examples of amazing creative work to spark something new in you
  • Leadership: Insights from business leaders and artists on what it takes to succeed in innovating
  • Podcast: Listen to us interview people leading the innovation charge and discuss some of our most interesting insights
  • Curiosity: Videos and insights on how things work to build your knowledge of the world to spark new ideas
  • News: Latest news on companies and people trying new things, or things which are likely to have an impact on future innovations


What sort of content will I not find here?

If you look around the site and articles, you will quickly notice something: There are no ads

This is because our business model isn’t to get the highest number of clicks, page views, shares or video views in order to get paid every time an advert is displayed. These sorts of sites encourage short, low quality articles designed to trick people, or not give them anything which will result in a significant change.

We also focus on getting input from actual experts with a track record of helping people or success with their own ideas, and won’t accept writers who claim to have a solution which sounds too good to be true. Finally, we believe in building a strong community.

So you will never see articles like:

  • “Cute animal videos” or things designed to go viral for maximum clicks
  • Unbelieable bloopers or “You won’t believe what happens next”
  • Get-rich-quick solutions
  • Things not related to creativity or innovation, such as advice on growing your company through internet marketing, SEO, accounting services, outsourcing etc…
  • Advice which isn’t from a credible source or which has evidence to back it up
  • Celebrity & Gossip news
  • Anything designed to target, offend or put down any particular group of people

Who operates this website?

Nick SkillicornThe handsome fellow shown here is Nick Skillicorn (twitter @improvides), Chief Editor and Founder of Idea to Value. He takes care of the high level aspect of managing the site, selecting the content by working with various experts from around the world and liaising with the community (whenever you get an email, it’ll be him clicking send and reading all the replies).

He is the CEO & Founder of Improvides Consulting (which specialises in helping individuals and companies improve their creativity and innovation capabilities), author, speaker, TEDx presenter and has been voted one of the most influential innovation bloggers in the world.

Nick started the site in early 2016 to enable people to get reliable information on improving creativity and innovation from people who know what they are talking about. Writers including:

  • Experts in Innovation Management
  • Artists producing new work
  • Creativity Coaches
  • Business leaders who have implemented successful innovations
  • Scientists and academics on the front lines of research

How can you afford to provide all of this for free?

Idea to Value will always publish incredible, insightful and useable information for free. That is a guarantee.

This free content is possible because in the future we plan on including some premium, paid membership areas which will complement and enhance what is available for free. This membership level may house things like courses with certifications on improving your creativity and innovation capability or coaching facilities direct with experts.

Additionally, the website gets its servers, technology and media facilities as part of Improvides, the Innovation Consultancy run by the chief editor Nick Skillicorn.

I want to join. Where do I sign up?

It’s easy. All you have to do to get our free membership is go to our sign up page, or click the link below. We’ll email you all of the instructions you need to get the most out of the site, as well as a selection of the best free content we’ve created so far. You’ll be on your way to your next breakthrough idea in no time.