Speaker FAQ – Innovation & Creativity Summit 2017

Speaker FAQ – Innovation & Creativity Summit 20172018-03-30T07:16:32+02:00

Welcome invited speaker,

Congratulations on being hand-selected as a potential expert speaker at the Innovation and Creativity Summit 2017. We are excited to have you, but know that you likely have a few questions about the summit and how it works.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know in a simple Frequently Asked Questions section. Just click on each question to see the answer:

What is the Innovation & Creativity Summit?2017-02-08T13:11:44+01:00

TheĀ Innovation and Creativity Summit is the world’s first and only virtual conference where people can learn about how to master their own creativity and lead innovation in their organisation. Each day throughout the summit, there will be multiple video interviews with experts from the fields of innovation and creativity giving their insights into the latest research on how creativity works, what it takes to get better ideas, turn those ideas into successful innovations and how to foster a value-creating innovation culture.

And it is all free for people to sign up for and watch.

We are currently hand-selecting potential speakers to be amongst the 40+ experts to be featured, which is why we have gotten in touch with you.

Why have I been selected as someone who should be featured in a session?2017-02-08T13:20:07+01:00

The host of the summit, Nick Skillicorn, hand-selected you as someone who has some valuable insights for the attendees of the summit, specifically related to innovation or creativity. He might know about you from the books you have written on the subject, your academic insights, the interviews you have posted on the subjects or because you have worked together previously. Either way, you are seen as someone who can help a lot of people with your expertise, and we would like to feature that to the people who can benefit from it the most.

Who is the audience?2017-02-08T13:39:58+01:00

The audience for this event is anyone involved in innovation or who has an interest in understanding where their ideas come from.

We are expecting several thousand people to attend, including:

  • Business Executives at CXO level
  • Innovation managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Creative Professionals
  • Designers
  • Artists
  • Consultants & Coaches
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Writers
  • Press

So if you would like to get your message in front of this group of highly-targeted & motivated people, you should share your message in an interview session.

How does the summit work?2017-02-08T13:56:04+01:00

All interview sessions with experts will be pre-recorded using online Webinar software as a simple interview format between you and the host (Nick Skillicorn). These will then be allocated a dedicated webinar slot throughout the summit dates, which will allow attendees to pick and choose exactly which sessions they would like to watch. By pre-recording the sessions, it ends up being a significantly better experience for the viewer since the session won’t crash and will enable a larger audience size to enjoy higher-quality video.

Expert interviews will be between 18-25 minutes, which we have found is the ideal length of time to keep a viewer’s attention and get your message across, and will be mainly just an interview on your insights about a specific topic of innovation or creativity, which you can discuss with Nick before recording begins.

All attendees can access all of the webinars FREE if they sign up before the end of the summit and watch them live, or watch a free replay within 48 hours. If they want to continue watching them after these dates, they can get an All Access Pass.

When is the summit?2017-02-08T13:59:18+01:00

The summit runs from the 2nd – 8th April 2017, with expert interview sessions being broadcast in dedicated slots on each of those days, and then being available for 48 hours on a replay.

How much does it cost for people to attend? What is the business model if it’s Free?2017-02-08T14:09:05+01:00

As we have previously mentioned, it is completely 100% free for anyone to sign up for the summit and view all of the sessions for a limited time.

However, there is also the opportunity for people to upgrade their free pass to an All-Access Pass, which will allow them to get lifetime access to all of the sessions and view them an unlimited number of times. This All-Access Pass will be discounted to $97 during the summit itself, after which it be sold at its full price of $297.

For anyone who will let their audience know about the Summit and encourage people to sign up for it, there will also be an affiliate system where anyone who sends a person to the signup page will receive 33% of any and all revenue received by all of the purchases from that person, including from other Idea to Value products like premium eLearning.

Finally, like with all revenue we earn, 5% of all revenue from this event goes to our partner charity Tabitha, who do amazing work supporting communities in Cambodia. You can find out more about them here.

Will I (the speaker) get a portion of the revenue?2017-02-08T14:24:42+01:00


If you are interested, we will set you up as with a special revenue-sharing affiliate account. This will give you a special link code which shows our system that a purchase came from someone who signed up using your unique link. So all you need to do is encourage your audience to go to the registration page using your personal link (via email, social media etc). In other summits it works especially well if you reference that you will have an exclusive interview session, which is therefore extremely appealing to the people who know about you.

We will even help you out by preparing some sample text to make sharing as stress-free as possible.

But of course, that is all optional.

Additionally, at the end of each interview session the speaker can encourage people to complete a specific action which we will provide a big button to click on in the webinar (like signing up for your newsletter, getting your book on Amazon or going to your “book a consultation” page…).

What is needed from me to speak?2017-02-08T14:35:26+01:00

We have made it as simple as possible to be a speaker and give a great session which the audience will love.

All we need is 45 minutes, to be scheduled in with you using Nick Skillicorn’s online scheduling system.

This session needs to be recorded in between now and the second week of March 2017, in order to ensure that you will be included in all of the communications for the summit and that we have time to produce any bonus materials for attendees, like audio transcriptions.

The interview will be conducted using our Webinar software (WebinarJam) and will run as follows:

  1. You and Nick log in using a link that Nick sends you
  2. Have a quick chat before recording happens, to agree things like the topic to focus on
  3. Recording begins
  4. 18 – 25 minute video interview about yourself, your expertise in the topic of creativity / innovation, and the valuable insights which the audience should know (things like case studies, research statistics and ways to improve performance work amazingly well here)
  5. A final thought / piece of advice for the audience
  6. What the audience should do next to find out more (here we will add a big button in the webinar to take them to a link of your choosing, like your website, Amazon, Youtube etc…)
  7. Recording Ends

Done! We will then schedule your session in to the summit calendar.

I’m in! How do I book my session to be recorded?2017-02-08T14:38:37+01:00

Simple. Just click on the link below to schedule a time with Nick to record your session and it will be added to both your calendars. Please note that Nick works in London, so if you cannot find specific times using this calendar due to time zones, ask him directly by proposing a time via email.


We look forward to having you as part of this unique event.