We are always on the lookout for experts to join the growing list of writers at Idea to Value, and we do accept new contributors if we feel they are a good fit for our community.

If you are interested in becoming a writer with us, then please read the guidelines here and get in touch if you feel like you meet the requirements.

Guidelines on becoming a contributing writer

  1. Idea to Value writers are experts who provide an insight into improving creativity or helping companies with innovation. We expect whatever you write about to assist them in improving this capability. Therefore, we usually accept writers who show they can produce high-quality content on the following topics:
    1. Creativity: Research and studies on what improves your ability to generate ideas
    2. Innovation: Research and case studies on getting companies and teams to implement ideas
    3. Inspiration: Examples of amazing creative work to spark something new in you
    4. Leadership: Insights from business leaders and artists on what it takes to succeed in innovating
    5. Curiosity: Videos and insights on how things work to build your knowledge of the world to spark new ideas
    6. News: Latest news on companies and people trying new things, or things which are likely to have an impact on future innovations
    7. Media: Video, graphics, infographics or audio which shows any of the above in a new way
  2. We expect all writers to be able to show us why they should be considered an expert and what experience they bring to their writing. There is a section in the application page to provide more details on this.
  3. We will not accept applications or contributions which are trying to overtly sell something to the reader. Our readers come here to learn and discuss ideas and ways to innovate, not to have someone tell them that their new product is amazing and “innovative”. This is one of the reasons why we don’t show advertising or “promoted stories from across the internet”.
    1. This does not mean that we don’t allow our writers to highlight the services they offer and how they can help clients / readers. We are completely happy for this to be included in your author profile box, and even in some cases in the article itself, as long as it is relevant and doesn’t detract from the reader’s experience. For example, if you’re promoting a book where the reader can find additional information, or a link to a webinar where you will go into more detail, this should usually be acceptable. After all, we want you to benefit as much as possible from being a writer.
  4. The writing style of the blog can be answered by the question “What can the reader take from this article right now?”. This means that we won’t publish content that is unrelated to our main topics (like celebrity gossip, viral videos or “you won’t believe”-style clickbait) which doesn’t help the reader accomplish something, add value or provide them with insights or new perspectives. But at the same time, we won’t publish articles which are written in a way that people may not be able to understand them (such as very heavy academic language), or which just make superficial points about “innovation is important”.
  5. At the moment, all articles we publish are in English.
  6. Like all other blogs, the final schedule of what is published when will be down to the site editor. We will strive to publish all content we think provides real insight and value to the reader. However, we will use a editorial calendar to make sure there is a regular supply of content, meaning that if your article is time-sensitive, it should either be categorised as “news” or an email should be sent to the editor.
  7. We use WordPress as our content platform. Therefore you will need to be signed in to access the writing area, which means you will need to sign up for a free account (important: your username you register will be used in the site URL to identify your articles). You will need to log in using your free account to access the application form page, since if you are accepted we will then need to adjust your account for the correct contributor privileges and set up your username.

If you feel like you meet all of the criteria above, we would love to have you apply to become a contribution writer (login using your free membership required).