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21 01, 2022

Zombie ideas and Vampire ideas

By |2022-01-21T16:15:58+01:00January 21st, 2022|Innovation|0 Comments

Some ideas just don't want to die! When I was quite early on in my consulting career, I was tasked with evaluating all of the current projects which a client had. What I found were several projects which were still receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds of budget each year, but which appear to have [...]

7 01, 2022

Ambidextrous organisations: Where innovation should sit in an organisation

By |2022-01-07T17:45:44+01:00January 7th, 2022|Innovation|0 Comments

Where should innovation resources actually exist in an organisation? It might seem like a straightforward question, but it is fundamental to whether a company will end up succeeding at innovation or failing. After all, if innovation is so important, should it not get its own department? While many experts have argued for this in the [...]

4 01, 2022

These companies failed because leaders did not want to hear bad news: The Ostrich Effect

By |2022-01-04T16:14:54+01:00January 4th, 2022|Innovation|0 Comments

Have you ever worked for a manager or boss who did not want to hear bad news? They might say things like "Don't come to me with problems, come to me with solutions!" Or they might get aggressive if they find out performance is not what they want it to be. I once had a [...]

6 12, 2021

A baby can play soccer, but not volleyball

By |2021-12-06T17:40:47+01:00December 6th, 2021|Innovation|0 Comments

Could you make a sport simple enough for a baby to play? Once a baby can walk, it can begin to "play" sports in a simplified form of what grown ups do. For example, running is a simplified version of the marathon. Paddling in a pool is a simplified version of swimming in an Olympic [...]

9 11, 2021

Respect my authority: Allow your people to do their best work

By |2021-11-09T18:30:29+01:00November 9th, 2021|Innovation|0 Comments

What is your role as a manager? Is it to get the most out of your team? If that is the case, shouldn't you offer as much assistance as possible, and help your team do their work to make sure it is not full of errors which would be found later on? Definitely not. That [...]

20 10, 2021

You don’t need to invent everything new to be innovative

By |2021-10-20T17:40:06+02:00October 20th, 2021|Innovation|1 Comment

A lot of innovation teams think that in order to be innovative, to be really creative, you have to be completely original. That means, that you need to create everything yourself. Even if it means starting from zero, where parts of what you need already exist in the market and can be used freely. This [...]

13 10, 2021

Overton Window: How extreme ideas become mainstream

By |2021-10-13T18:57:26+02:00October 13th, 2021|Innovation|0 Comments

Sometimes, new ideas may come across as scary and radical. Especially when compared to what has come before, or what is considered "normal" or standard in an industry. While it is common for innovations to take time to diffuse through the different customer groups, it can sometimes be hard for ideas to be accepted when [...]

12 10, 2021

Exploitation pays your salary while exploration pays your pension

By |2021-10-12T17:54:40+02:00October 12th, 2021|Innovation|0 Comments

A few months ago, I had the privilege of sitting down with Steve Blank, widely credited as the founder of the Lean Startup movement, for a fascinating podcast interview. The quote above comes from a foreword he wrote for Lead and Disrupt, which is all about Ambidextrous Organisations. A company needs to be able to [...]

27 09, 2021

Your customer doesn’t care what you think of your idea

By |2021-09-27T17:56:05+02:00September 27th, 2021|Innovation|0 Comments

Many innovators and creatives are shocked when they finally release their new idea into the world, and instead of a storm of new customers rushing to their door, they get...   ... nothing.   How is it possible that an idea you thought was perfect has failed to convince the people you want to buy [...]