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21 07, 2021

The Ambiguity Effect bias

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Why do so many companies keep making the "wrong" decisions time and again? And what impact does this have on innovation projects? It may be linked to a cognitive bias called the Ambiguity Effect bias. The ambiguity effect is a cognitive bias that describes how we tend to avoid options that we consider to be [...]

12 07, 2021

Why mind wandering is good for your creativity

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If you want to become more creative, one of the most effective things you can do is become more comfortable letting your mind wander. It sounds simple, but there is a wealth of research which shows the creative benefits of letting your thoughts flow freely. Mind wandering, or daydreaming, often occurs when you are not [...]

5 07, 2021

Cells that fire together, wire together

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It's a phrase that if you are interested in creativity, it is worth remembering. As I described in my previous article about myelin, neuronal cells that have previously fired together in a network can have that network strengthened. As a result, the brain will find that network more effective than other networks which are not [...]

29 06, 2021

Is everyone creative?

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Yes. Everyone is creative. The challenge is that not everyone feels creative. Maybe you fall into this camp. Because a lot of people do. Often when I am giving keynote speeches or workshops, I will ask the very simple question: Are you creative? And I am always amazed that a large proportion of people respond [...]

25 06, 2021

This weird fat is what makes you smarter, but less creative (Myelin)

By |2021-06-25T20:27:30+02:00June 25th, 2021|Creativity|0 Comments

Why is it that it sometimes feels so hard to be creative? Well, it is because your brain is actually incredibly lazy! But don't blame yourself. Blame evolution. You see, the brain is one of the most energy-hungry organs in your body, regularly demanding around 20% of the calories your body uses. And in the [...]

23 06, 2021

Which colours should you paint your office to be more creative?

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We know that our surroundings can impact our creative performance and ability to innovate. So how can we adjust our surroundings to help us to achieve our best work possible? Well, several pieces of research have looked at how colour around you affects your creative performance. And it turns out that different colours can help [...]