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15 10, 2021

Ideas are worth nothing without execution

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I often tell my clients and students that ideas are priceless. Because you cannot put a price on an idea. When it comes to creative ideas, they need to be executed. If an idea just stays in your mind, or the mind of anyone else, it has no value and can make no impact. This [...]

28 09, 2021

Waiting for your opponents to die

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Max Planck knew how to change the world. His ideas around quantisation of energy completely revolutionised how we think about physics, the world around us, and how small things can become. But he also knew that you cannot convince everyone that your new ideas are true. Some people will continue to resist new information, and [...]

3 09, 2021

Careers Conducive to Creativity

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Living a creative life is a goal for a lot of people. The idea of spending every day immersed in artistic pursuits exploring opportunities, even gaining a better understanding of what creativity means is exciting. Yet, this isn’t the current reality for most — life tends to get in the way. The reality is a [...]