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23 07, 2021

Capturing Inspiration from Outdoor Summer Fun

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Summer is officially in full swing. For many, that means more time outdoors, soaking up the warm weather. While summer activities can be a lot of fun and a great way to relax, you can also capture inspiration from the things you might already be doing. Or, you could try something new this season to [...]

19 07, 2021

1000 True Fans

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As an artist, professional creative or entrepreneur, how many people need to buy your wares in order for you to make a living? 10,000? 100? 1 million??? After all, when we look at stories of "successful people" online, often we see social media profiles with millions of followers on Instagram, TiKTok, YouTube or even LinkedIn. [...]

7 07, 2021

Delighting customers with less

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Sometimes, less is more. I just had a wonderful experience which reminded me that in order to add value to your customers, you don't always need to find new things to add and new features for everything. It is human nature to try and solve problems by adding more, rather than focusing on less. But [...]

18 06, 2021

The Podcast Renaissance: How Podcasts Boost Creativity and Inspire Audiences

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Podcasts have become a familiar aspect of our cultural landscape. When they first emerged in the early 2000s, they were considered to be a niche concept and unlikely to compete with radio. However, a recent study found that 32% of Americans now listen to a podcast at least once a month. As a result, it [...]

18 05, 2021

Not in my Back Yard (NIMBY)

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I currently have an excavator tearing up the street outside my flat. It is making a huge amount of noise. In fact, as it breaks through the asphalt, sometimes I can see my monitor shaking on my desk. I hate it. But ironically, the company I am currently working with is one of the fastest [...]

28 04, 2021

It is impossible to please everyone

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Many creators think that the ultimate accolade is for their new idea, product or innovation to be universally loved. However, this is impossible. It is impossible to please everyone. Everyone is different. Everyone is human. And as a result, some people are going to have different opinions about what they like. Some people like pop [...]

27 04, 2021

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet

By |2021-04-27T17:20:47+02:00April 27th, 2021|Inspiration|0 Comments

There are at least 5 things wrong with this image. Can you spot all of them all? When it comes to spreading ideas, the internet can be a blessing and a curse. While it allows knowledge to be exchanged across borders, to billions of people and at the speed of light, the question also arises [...]