In this interesting perspective video (above) from Dr Beau Lotto, we find out why being creative is one of the things which the brain fears most.

At a high level, it is all about the fact that the brain is designed to reduce and remove uncertainty from our lives.

It was designed to learn and understand all of the things which are not threats and mark those as safe, but remain vigilant about what it is not certain about. As Dr Lotto states:

As Dr Lotto states:

Our brain evolved to take what is meaningless and make it meaningful. If you’re not sure that was a predator, it was too late.

But this also complicates our ability to be creative.

In order to come up with a creative idea, you need to start with a question. Start with a place of uncertainty, where you do not know the answer.

And this can make the brain uncomfortable, because all of the biases we have, the unconscious activity pulling us away from uncertainty, want to reduce this feeling.

He then also goes to show how all creativity is the result of several small steps within the brain, which to an outsider who has not seen all of the steps may look like an amazing idea which developed spontaneously.

Check out the video and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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