It’s a phrase that if you are interested in creativity, it is worth remembering.

As I described in my previous article about myelin, neuronal cells that have previously fired together in a network can have that network strengthened.

As a result, the brain will find that network more effective than other networks which are not used as frequently.

This will lead to the brain preferring to use that previously used network, using it again more frequently in the future, and further strengthening the network.

It is a positive feedback loop.

While this is excellent for learning, it is also dangerous for creativity.

Creativity requires you to think of new combinations or links between ideas. These new links will be harder for the brain to process, and so the brain might resist.

So if you feel the resistance while you are trying to be creative, acknowledge and accept that comfort barrier, and move past it.

That is how the best ideas come about.

Did you know that scientific evidence shows your creativity decreases over time

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