So last week I told you that I was working on something big.

And that you could get a sneak preview of what was coming up by registering here for free.

I’m making good progress for the 24th of Feb reveal date, but today I wanted to take you back in time to show you where it all began.

You see, back in 2005 I started work with one of the largest management consulting firms in the world.

Over years, I specialised in helping companies deliver their largest transformation programs.

Projects that would fundamentally change the company, and take them into the future.

Or so everyone thought.

In reality, many of these projects were nothing more than incremental improvements. They were safe bets, designed to take costs out of the business based on projects which had successfully worked for other companies already.

It became clear that while most companies said they wanted to innovate and be disruptive, what they actually wanted was to play it safe and do what other companies were doing.

And after doing this for nearly a decade, I grew frustrated.

What I wanted was to help companies actually innovate.

And slowly I was realising that I couldn’t do this at the company I worked for.

So in 2013, I started up Improvides, then soon afterwards, and I have made it my mission since then to figure out what actually helps new ideas happen.

Not just the standard, boring advice that has been around since the 1950s, like how to generate more ideas.

But instead, figuring out not only how to get better ideas, but more importantly to understand why they are so hard to get accepted in companies, and what needs to happen for them to actually get executed and deliver value.

This has now become my life’s work.

My purpose is to help a billion people transform their ideas into reality. And by doing so, transform themselves.

And this is what I am so excited to speak to you about on the 24th of Feb.

I am close to sharing some of the breakthrough insights about what make your ideas, creativity and innovation projects work. Or what makes them fail. It is all a matter of understanding and executing correctly.

The reason I say breakthrough is because once you see what insights I have found, you will notice that this is not discussed anywhere else. Not even in the scientific textbooks on creativity I read, even though it is in the academic creativity journals.

As far as I am aware, this information is not shared anywhere else because nobody has found out about it yet.

For more details on what exactly to expect, I will be sharing more details in next week’s preview. That is when it gets really exciting.

So keep an eye on the website and on your inbox.

If you want to join me on the 24th, you’ll need to register as I plan on only sharing the live feed on a private server, but you can get access to it by clicking here:

More information to come soon, watch out for part 3.

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