Some people have a “let’s just try it” mentality.

And in the video above, I think we have a perfect example of it. It’s quite inspirational and already has over 6 million views.

This guy called Scotty Allen, who runs a blog called Strange Parts, built a like-new (but really refurbished) iPhone 6S 16GB entirely from parts he bought in the public cell phone parts markets in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China.

And it works!

We already talked about how Shenzhen is actually becoming one of the most innovative places in the world before.

This is an excellent example of someone who has a “hacker mindset”, which so often leads to people trying out new things and coming up with great new innovations. Yes, in this case he wanted to see if he could perfectly reproduce a specific product (which in many ways requires no creativity at all), but it is his openness to attempt it which ultimately made him succeed. And there were a number of times in the video where he looked like it wasn’t going to work.

On his website, he describes his attitude to tinkering with products like this:

You know the thrill of walking down a back alley in hopes you might find something amazing?

I f***ing live for that.

It’s that same thrill that comes from taking apart a gadget just to see what’s inside and how it works. What is it capable of?

I love the quest for the unknown and the undiscovered.

Respect to you Scotty, that is a great attitude to have, and I hope you inspire more people to just go out there and try some other new things themselves as well.

You can read his full description of how he went about building the iPhone on his blog post here:

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