Despite what the current US president keeps saying, renewable energy is the way that the world will be powered in the future.

Two of the most established technologies which already provide electricity to millions of people are solar power and wind power.

However, wind power has a number of drawbacks which are often not considered, especially due to the extremely large infrastructure needed to support the blades and turbines.

Fortunately, there is an alternative and innovative design being developed which a lot of people are excited about but which hasn’t made it mainstream yet:

Harnessing wind energy with lightweight kites strapped to generators

Watch the video above to find out more about the technology, as highlighted by the excellent Real Engineering Youtube channel.

Kite Power Systems have a number of unique advantages that may make them suitable in many situations:

  • Kites can reach the higher wind speeds in higher altitudes
  • Have a much smaller footprint than an equivalent powered wind turbine, with a lower foundation
  • At very high wind speeds, wind turbines need to be shut down to prevent mechanical┬ádamage, whereas kite systems can still function in a hurricane
  • By 2030, wind turbine power is estimated to fall in price from about $175/MWh (2016) to $95/MWh (2030), but Kite Power could have a cost of $50/MWh
  • Kite systems can be built on floating platforms in ocean areas which are too deep for wind┬áturbines
  • Kite systems can be delivered and moved on trucks and set up in a new location in less than a day, making them useful for disaster relief efforts

Perhaps this innovation will be powering your home in the future.

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