Today is the 22 of Feb, 2022.

Written numerically, that could be written as:

  • 22.02.2022
  • 22.2.22

Both of which are a palindrome (same forwards as backwards), or since it is a date, perhaps better called a calendrome.

Additionally, in Europe we write our times in a 24 hour format.

So 10:22pm with 22 seconds in Germany would be written as 22:22:22.

And I have scheduled my blog to publish this article at exactly 22:22.

So this article will be there for 22:22:22, 22.02.2022.

Or if you prefer: 22:22:22, 22.2.22

Since there are no months with 33 days in them, this will also be the last such extreme calendrome of my lifetime.

And in case that was not special enough, today is also a Tuesday.

The second day of the week.

Sometimes, you just need to look more than once to notice the small but impressive things all around you.

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