My colleagues over at the Board of Innovation have put together a great little Slideshare presentation which I recommend everyone have a look at.

It is all about the indicators that an innovation programme may in fact be failing.

Check out the slideshare here below:

The indicators which they outline are as follows, based on common phrases people within the innovation team would say:

  1. Our developers / engineers have no direct contact with clients
  2. The KPIs in our Business Unit are linked to return on investment
  3. Our governance slows down (or kills) every new initiative
  4. Let’s go on, we already spent $100k on this project
  5. Return on Investment (ROI) is my best KPI for investments
  6. We don’t assign a budget without clear deliverables
  7. We have a prototype of our new service but we’re scared to spoil our reputation
  8. Apple invented the smartphone
  9. Coming up with innovative solutions is always on top of the job

In the presentation, they also give excellent examples on how to fix each of these issues and get your programme back on track.

Check it out.

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