It’s my honor to announce that I will be one of the featured workshop leaders at the upcoming Innov8rs conference in Sydney, Australia, from the 25th -27th September 2018.

I will be joining over 40+ other live speakers at this amazing conference. It is a lineup full of innovation experts and practitioners, and the focus of the conference is on learning what techniques and insights are making a difference in some of the most innovative organisations in Australia and the region.

My session is a 90-minute workshop, entitled: “The Science Of Creativity: Psychology And Neuroscience Insights For Better Ideas And How To Get Leaders To Listen”.

Date: 26th September 2018

Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm

There are multiple other sessions throughout the 3 days. You can find a full list of all the speakers here.

This is truly a must-attend conference for anyone in Australia who works with innovation, creativity or new ideas.

Click here to find out more about the conference, and click here to register.

Exclusive 15% discount code: As a featured speaker, I have managed to negotiate an exclusive 15% discount to the total ticket price for all of my readers and their colleagues. All you need to do is use the discount coupon code “8-Nick” on the payment page of the registration page, as shown in the image below.

What you will experience

During the 3 days of Innov8rs Sydney, you will:

  • Gain insights on trending topics and cross-industry best practices from (inter)national thought leaders.
  • Get the real and raw stories from innovators across industries, sharing their successes, failures and everything in between.
  • Engage in open and honest conversations with experts and peers to get solutions to your challenges
  • Work on your actual challenges, guided by experts and learning from peers.
  • Develop new skills and experiment with new frameworks, tools and techniques.
  • Explore Sydney’s innovation ecosystem and mingle with local innovators


Attendees at previous Innov8rs conferences had the following to say about their experience:

“Unlike other conferences, mixing with like-minded people made it feel like you were really learning something, rather than watching an endless stream of startup pitches and panel discussions that aren’t really saying anything original at all…”

“There is not another conference that has this level and quality of people who are really driving change around the world.”

“This is one of those conferences where you come in at day one, you find your people and you start unravelling the challenges and problems you’re
facing and you start solving them together.”

“The presentations are great, don’t get me wrong, they are amazing – but it is about the people.”

“There’s a diversity of people here. There’s C-suite, there’s new to the innovation space doers. And because of that diversity you see different perspectives and approaches to bring innovation within an organization.”

“This is a fantastic conference. Everything has been top notch. I love the tagline that it is a tribe, because it is a group of people that shares amazing ideas.”

“It’s very rare to attend a conference that’s truly peer to peer.”

Click here to find out more about the conference, and click here to register.

And don’t forget, get 15% off the total conference price by using the discount coupon code “8-Nick” on the payment page of the registration page

Hope to see you there.


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