Check out the short video above to understand why most innovation and creativity trainers don’t actually care about the results for your business.

This has been something that has bothered me for all of the years I have been in this industry.

It is the difference between what counts as success for you and your business, and what counts as success for the facilitators which many companies bring in to “Do Innovation” or “Build team creativity” for a day.

Most “innovation” and “creativity” training and workshops (even the most expensive ones) don’t actually produce any tangible results!

They usually fall into two types:

  • Motivational “teambuilding” sessions, where a speaker will tell you how creative visionaries like Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein overcame obstacles to change the world (without giving you any advice on how you can do this in addition to your day job) 
  • Brainstorming sessions, where a facilitator will help you fill an entire wall with post it notes of “Great Ideas!” (but then disappear when it comes to trying to execute any of them)

In both cases, the facilitator is being judged only on their time in the room.

What happens after they leave the room, after the session is over, is “none of their business”.

In my professional view, this just is not good enough.

Experts should always have the results of their clients at the heart of what they do.

That is how all of my consulting and training is structured: To actually drive change and results.

If you want to see the real issues, including all of the sources as to why this is an issue, I have written about this extensively before.

Click here to find out about why you need to be careful who you select to work with, and how important building these innovation and creativity capabilities is.

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