If you compare a houseplant which has grown indoors to a similar plant which has grown outside, you will see that the plant outside has a stronger stem.

This is because while the indoor plants have been protected from the elements and grown up in calm, peaceful air, the plants outside have had to grow against wind, rain and a changing environment.

But it is exactly because of this stress the outdoor plants had to go through, that forces them to grow stronger and able to resist more stress in the future.

If you were to put a fully grown indoor plant outside, it could easily snap the first time it encounters a storm.

In a similar way, some people in organisations are more likely to enjoy working in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment, like those required to do innovative work. Especially people with a growth mindset.

While other people would prefer the safety of a constant, safe environment and actively avoid the dangers of an innovative environment.

Not everyone wants to innovate.

But those who do are going to be the ones who grow the strongest.

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