Many innovators and creatives are shocked when they finally release their new idea into the world, and instead of a storm of new customers rushing to their door, they get…


… nothing.


How is it possible that an idea you thought was perfect has failed to convince the people you want to buy it?

Well, it comes down to one of the hardest lessons which every creative person must learn.

Hold your breath, the water is about to get cold:

Your customer does not care what you think of your own idea


Innovators, Teams, Creatives, Artists and Entrepreneurs often fall into the trap of thinking that everyone else will see the same value in their product as they do.

After all, they have worked for weeks, months, sometimes years to make their idea happen.

They have put their heart and soul into it.

Sometimes their sweat and literal blood.

And often, they have a lot riding on the idea being a success (having invested time, money and their reputation into it).

So there are a lot of emotions and ego behind the idea.

However, your customers will only believe the value they themselves perceive in what you show them.

They do not care what you went through as a person to get the idea to where it is now.

They might not even care about the features, benefits and value which the idea could bring them.

They only care about how they see it affecting their own life, especially compared to what they are currently doing (or not doing).

People do not buy Kentucky Fried Chicken because they have sympathy for Colonel Sanders because his father passed away when he was 6, and he had a rough life. People buy KFC because they themselves like the product.

So if you want to want your innovation or idea to become successful, find out what your customer really thinks. Ideally, long before you launch your idea.

The earlier you can get feedback, the easier it will be to make your idea a success.

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