It is a Latin phrase which means “to whom is there a benefit?”

Always ask this question honestly and without bias when you are listening to advice about a new idea, innovation proposal or service offering.

Because in most cases, people proposing something to you will almost always suggest something which would benefit them.

Did your advertising agency suggest it is time for a brand refresh after your new product didn’t fly off the shelves? Would they benefit from the revenue of such a big new project?

Did your department head list out multiple reasons why your proposed innovation project isn’t a good idea? Would they benefit by keeping the status quo?

A consulting firm suggest is time to do a detailed strategy analysis? Would they then be the ones to implement any recommended changes?

Did a technology supplier suggest you upgrade your systems to the newest version, even if you current version still works? How much will they benefit?

Innovation isn’t always about doing new things, and people don’t always think about what is best for you and your customers.

To stay focused on your own innovations, you need to recognise when to say no to many suggestions.

And any innovation should have two primary answers to Cui bono?

Your customers, and you.

Did you know that scientific evidence shows your creativity decreases over time

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