Let me tell you a story.

On my recent trip to Greece, I had a discussion with my taxi driver which put into perspective how different people consider different things as valuable.

He was telling us how he works hard for 8 months a year, but from November through February, the entire island shuts to tourists and he goes to his land in the village to harvest his olives, grapes and tend to his livestock.

During these four months, he just spends time with his family and community, working manually but also relaxing, and enjoying his freedom.

He told us he had four plots of land on the island.

And that he would not trade this life for anything, even if he was offered €50,000 per month to drive a taxi in Germany.

My wife and I started thinking about how we could only dream of owning this much land, and how we had been working nonstop and needed a week of holiday on this island to recharge.

We then also started thinking of the business opportunities. How many stressed out Germans would love to spend a month with a local family like his, working on the farm and getting away from their stresses and the cold German winter.

We could even help set up a business to do this, with him organising the families to stay with and us building the website and marketing to find customers.

But then we realised that this was exactly the opposite of what he was telling us made him happy. Yes, there could potentially be more money in having tourists stay for longer with him. But he wanted that time to himself to spend with his family.

And this was worth more to him than the money.

It was like my own experience of the famous story from The Cafe at the Edge of the World.

Don’t try to impose what is valuable to you personally into someone else.

And don’t try to compare what other people have and want with what you want.

One you have this clarity, it will help you understand if you are really working towards where you want to end up.

And if you have been wondering why the have been no news articles or videos for the past week, I take my holidays to disconnect and recharge.

Now I’m back, with a full battery, ready to help you again.

Stay creative.

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