So for the past two weeks I have been telling you about my big upcoming plans.

And that you could get a sneak preview of what was coming up by registering here for free.

Today I want to begin telling you about ‘True Creativity‘.

As I mentioned last week, I have made it my mission to help a billion people transform their ideas into reality. And by doing so, transform themselves.

But when I began researching what this would take, and what advice was out there, I began coming across problems.

BIG problems.

Problems like: most of the advice out there doesn’t actually work.

Let me give you an example. When I was still working at my previous management consulting company, we had several workshops with facilitators to help make the team more creative.

In one case, we had a professional Improvisational Comedy performer come in and teach us how to Yes, And… to build on each others’ ideas.

Another time, we had someone come and teach us the fundamentals of brainstorming, such as withholding judgement of people’s ideas and going for a huge quantity of ideas (the result of which was hundreds of terrible ideas on Post-It notes around the room).

Another time, a facilitator came and taught us how we were all artistic as children, and so had us play simple instruments together to “get back in touch with our inner child”.

While all of these events might have been fun for an hour or two, they all had one thing in common.

Once the session was over, everyone went back to the way they previously worked. Nothing had changed at all.

While everyone had theoretically learned a new technique, they never used them again.

And worst of all, nobody saw themselves differently than beforehand.

The people who didn’t think they were creative still felt that way, because their perception of themselves had not changed.

So I began to look for evidence of what actually makes people creative.

And what makes some people less creative than others.

Instead of looking for the old stories and advice, I wanted to find the truth.

Over the past 9 years, this has involved me reading literally thousands of research journal articles, academic case studies and books by academics who research creative performance. And I have also spoken with hundreds of experts in the field through interviews on my podcast and previous online events I have organised and run.

And it has only been recently that the science is beginning to make sense.

Here is what the science is beginning to show us:

You have true creativity.

You are a true creative.

But in order for you to unlock it, you need to understand the truth behind what is holding you back from making the most of your creativity.

And that truth is based on the evidence behind what helps your creativity…

… what hurts your creativity…

… why it can be so hard for companies to accept creative ideas…

… and how to change these companies to finally support new ideas and implement them into innovations.

Evidence is the key word here.

Evidence based on research into creative performance by respected, top academics across the world. The sort of researchers who conduct experiments with hundreds, thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands of people to find out what makes some people perform better at creative challenges than others.

And most importantly, what this evidence shows us for how anyone can improve their creative performance.

This is the truth in True Creativity.

And next week, I will tell you about what True Creativity is, and how you can be an early insider part of it before I release it to the wider world.

If you want to join me on the 24th of Feb, you’ll need to register as I plan on only sharing the live feed on a private server, but you can get access to it by clicking here:

More information to come soon, watch out for part 4.

Did you know that scientific evidence shows your creativity decreases over time

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