In this episode of the Idea to Value Podcast we talk with Takashi Kudo, who is the Communications Director for TeamLab, a renowned art collective from Japan.

Referring to themselves as ultratechnologists, the group aims to go beyond the boundaries between art, science, technology and creativity, through co-creative activities.

TeamLab is best known for its ingenious art installations based on light and projection, and in contrast to many traditional collectives, is made up of not only artists but also engineers, programmers, animators and mathematicians. In addition to gallery artworks, they also produce other digital content like applications, performance shows and specialist websites.

We discuss how these hyper-creative groups develop art which pushes boundaries.

Things we cover in this episode:

  • What makes up their Art Collective (01:30)
  • Describing the large interactive lighting exhibition “No boundaries” they did in London (03:00)
  • How creativity has no boundaries in his mind (06:30)
  • How teams create work together (08:00)
  • Using prototypes (10:30)
  • Whether they believe that they are geniuses (12:00)
  • How to approach challenges you have never seen before (13:00)
  • What they do when they get stuck (14:00)
  • Finding the right goals (16:00)
  • Whether other people can become more creative (18:00)

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