In today’s episode of the Idea to Value Podcast, we speak with Stuart Semple, a visual artist based in Dorset, England and also one of the people in the centre of a recent controversy within the artistic world.

What follows is an interesting story about how one of the world’s most famous artists Anish Kapoor was given the exclusive rights to produce art using the “blackest black” pigment ever produced, called Vantablack (which I have written about previously here:

Stuart is leading the fight back, saying it is bad news for all other artists to be prevented from expressing themselves using this new medium, and has also worked to make extreme colours available to everyone with his “pinkest pink” paint (except for Mr Kapoor though). In fact, this is what Anish Kapoor did when he somehow got his hands on some of the pink:

Up yours #pink

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Topics covered in this episode:

  • Stuart’s history and current art projects (01:00)
  • The controversy behind Vantablack and how the artistic community was excluded (02:30)
  • Should an artist not have the right to have exclusive access to something if they get there first? (05:45)
  • How different artists will use materials in different ways to express themselves (07:00)
  • Stuart’s history in creating colours and getting to the pinkest pink in the world, with yet more controversy (08:30)
  • Our computers can’t actually handle the brightness of real-life colour saturations, and only output in Red, Blue and Green (10:30)
  • Everyone gets creative blocks, even professional artists, but you need to work through them (12:00)
  • The difference between work he initiates himself and work commissioned by other people (13:45)
  • The difference between creativity and self-expression (16:00)
  • Does he still feel anxiety about what people will think before he releases his work (17:00)

Links from this Episode:

* Stuart’s art:

* Buying some of Stuart’s amazing paint:


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