In today’s episode of the Idea to Value Podcast, we talk with professional magician Kostya Kimlat, recently a winner on the magic TV show Penn & Teller’s Fool Us.

We talk about what constitutes originality and creativity in the art form of magic, what it takes to create your own tricks, and why customers always care more about the effect of what they experience compared to the method of how it was done.

Topics discussed in today’s episode:

  • Why magic causes such joy and bewilderment in people (02:00)
  • How magicians hide their skills and creativity instead of showing them off like other artists (06:00)
  • What most people see as creativity in magic was actually creative 100 years ago (08:00)
  • The two way to be creative and innovative: methods vs effects (08:30)
  • How knowing too much about your methods can make you lose sight of what your customers see (11:00)
  • How he developed his skills and whether you can be creative from the beginning or need to hone your skills first (13:00)
  • “The secret is the most important thing, until you learn it” (14:30)
  • How you can learn magic from books, and paying your dues through hard work (16:00)
  • How often does failure happen in magic, and how can companies deal with failure? (17:30)
  • The balance between “playing the hits” (performing things that you know will work) and trying out original new tricks (20:30)
  • How you make your audience feels like there is spontaneity and make them feel recognised and special (25:00)

Links mentioned in this episode:

Kostya Kimlat’s website:


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