In today’s episode of the Idea to Value Podcast, we talk to Brad Barbera, author of “Keep Innovation Simple”, Innovation Strategist and holder of the first patent for low-fat mayonnaise.

Topics covered in this episode:

  1. Is there a perfect formula for innovation which works for all companies? (03:00)
  2. Why you need to be careful about applying best practice from other companies (04:30)
  3. How you can keep innovation simple (06:45)
  4. What affects an individual’s capability of being innovative (07:45)
  5. Why you should develop a mindset of “Respectful Irreverence” (10:30)
  6. You need to have some grit to get through the tough times of innovation (12:30)
  7. Why some companies want to downgrade their innovativeness, and why it is hard to change (13:15)
  8. Why the simple things are so hard, but the most important (14:00)
  9. The difference between complexity and complication (16:30)
  10. The importance of π pi-shaped innovators (18:30)

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