In today’s episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with Nick White from Deloitte Sydney about a new innovation which has been receiving a lot of attention, called “Deloitte Assist”.

Deloitte Assist is a way for patients in a hospital to ask for help using their voice, so that nurses and doctors know exactly what the patient needs before arriving at their bedside.

Historically, and still the case in most hospitals, the only way that a patient has to ask for help or attention is a button to press next to their bed.

This could be help for anything from being in pain, to having fallen and being seriously injured, to wanting something to drink or asking for the TV channel to be changed. Not all requests are as urgent as others.

Deloitte Assist was conceived after a Deloitte partner saw how his father suffered while he was in a critical condition in hospital, and asked himself if there was a better way to help both the patients and those attending to them.

The solution uses Amazon’s voice recognition features built into Alexa and its Echo devices, to allow the patients to speak with the system, letting it know what they need, and alerting the relevant nurses allowing them to prioritise their work much more effectively.

The solution has already won several innovation awards, like the AMY Grand Prix ( and helping Deloitte be listed as one of Australia’s most Innovative companies in 2018 (

Listen to the interview above to find out more about how the system was imagined, designed and implemented.

It is an excellent example of how even the largest companies can still innovate.

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