In today’s episode of the Idea to Value Podcast, we speak with Daniel Lock.

Daniel is a Change Management expert from Sydney, and we speak about what it takes for an organisation to effectively implement large-scale change programs.

Topics covered in today’s episode:

  • [02:30] – Getting involved in the Change Management Institute
  • [03:30] – What is Change Management: Implementing the People side of Change
  • [05:30] – Why there is often resistance to change
  • [07:15] – The impact of not doing Change Management properly
  • [08:30] – How to deal with roadblocks to change
  • [11:30] – How to lead change in large workshop groups of 30+ people
  • [13:30] – Why people fear change: They feel a loss of control and decisions are made without them

Links from Today’s Episode:


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