Today, we are speaking with the former Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney, Duncan Wardle. Can you imagine a job title more closely related to creativity than that?

We speak about what it takes for companies to become more innovative, how ideas are developed at Disney and Pixar, and why companies need to embrace creativity to prevent themselves from becoming disrupted in the coming decade.

Topics covered in today’s episode:

  • 00:01:15 – How Duncan got started at Disney, working on public relations and sending Buzz Lightyear into space
  • 00:04:30 – Why “lack of time to think” was listed as the biggest barrier to innovation at Disney
  • 00:05:30 – The four models they tried to bring innovation into the company
  • 00:07:30 – Creating a toolkit for innovation
  • 00:09:00 – Why “purpose” will be more important than “product” in the coming generations
  • 00:11:00 – How Disney asked “How can we solve our customer’s biggest pain points?”
  • 00:15:00 – The power of reframing challenges to unlock new ways to generate ideas
  • 00:17:00 – The usefulness of a naive expert
  • 00:20:00 – The power of asking “WHY?”
  • 00:23:00 – The way your brain works on developing ideas, and why it needs time to think
  • 00:26:15 – The danger of shooting down ideas too early, and how to make ideas
  • 00:31:00 – The importance of perseverance

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