In today’s episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with Blair Enns, author of Pricing Creativity and founder of the Win Without Pitching manifesto.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • 00:01:30 – Blair’s history in advertising and consulting
  • 00:03:30 – The fastest way to make your creativity a commodity is to sell your time
  • 00:06:00 – Pricing is a prison cell of your making in your own brain
  • 00:08:00 – The importance of asking questions to determine value
  • 00:12:30 – Why creative people hate the feeling of doing “Sales”, and how to change this
  • 00:17:30 – How to raise your prices for creative services
  • 00:20:45 – Your idea of what you think the market will bear is usually wrong
  • 00:22:30 – The importance of specialising to communicate your value by narrowing your focus

Links mentioned in this episode:

Did you know that scientific evidence shows your creativity decreases over time

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