One of the least-understood reasons why ideas are often not successful is the impact of biases.

Biases in the scientific sense are mental shortcuts which our brains take, often because this is easier and more energy efficient.

However, they can also very often result in the brain making the wrong decisions, or preferring answers and ideas which are less creative.

In this article I want to begin showcasing the various known biases which have an impact of creativity and innovation performance. It may expand over time as more biases come to light.

Where I have written in more detail about individual biases, these have also been linked.

List of biases which affect creativity and innovation performance

  1. Additive Transformation bias
  2. Ambiguity Effect
  3. Anchoring
  4. Anti-Creativity bias
  5. Art bias
  6. Authority bias
  7. Availability Heuristic
  8. Baader-Meinhoff Phenomenon
  9. Bandwagon effect
  10. Bias blind spot
  11. Confirmation bias
  12. Creative Cliff Illusion
  13. Creative Stereotype bias
  14. Curse of Knowledge
  15. Decision Fatigue
  16. Declinism
  17. Dunning Kruger effect
  18. Earned Dogmatism
  19. Egocentric bias
  20. Endowment Effect
  21. Functional Fixedness
  22. GI-Joe Fallacy
  23. Groupthink
  24. Hindsight bias
  25. Hyperbolic Discounting
  26. Ikea Effect
  27. Illusion of Productivity
  28. Impostor Syndrome
  29. Information bias
  30. In-Group bias
  31. Loss aversion
  32. Mere exposure effect
  33. Naïve realism
  34. Negativity Bias
  35. Normalcy bias
  36. Not-invented-here bias
  37. Novelty Bias/ Pro-innovation bias
  38. Optimism bias
  39. Ostrich effect
  40. Parkinson’s law
  41. Planning fallacy
  42. Pygmalion effect
  43. Response Bias
  44. Rosy Retrospective
  45. Self-serving bias
  46. Semmelweiss reflex
  47. Status Quo bias
  48. Sunk Cost Fallacy
  49. Survivorship bias
  50. Ugly Baby bias
  51. Zero-risk bias
  52. Zero-sum bias

Did you know that scientific evidence shows your creativity decreases over time

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