So you want to be an artist.


It might seem like a simple question, yet can uncover a surprising truth if you dig deep enough.

Because for many people, actually creating art is not as important as being seen as being an artist.

In many art schools, the idea of being an artist is just as important as making art – Creativity Researcher Prof Keith Sawyer.

Unfortunately, too many people would rather think of themselves as an artist than put in the work required to actually create something.

Writers” who spend weeks going to coffee shops but have not written a single page.

Actors” who have not been to a single audition in months.

Artists” who have not painted, sculpted or made any work of art because they are “waiting” for inspiration to come to them.

You like the idea of being an artist and creating creative work, more than you actually like the work required to create.

And it makes sense.

Being creative can be really, really hard. Especially when you begin something and realise it is not as easy as you hoped it would be.

This can be even more true if you compare your current ability to someone you look up to who has perfected their skills over decades. It can be overwhelming.

So overwhelming that the easiest thing to do is to find busywork that takes up your time but prevents you actually creating. Or continuing to start new projects when the first bit of stress begins, leaving a pile of unfinished projects.


Creatives create.

True creatives make their ideas happen.

Ideas are worth nothing if they are not executed.

Did you know that scientific evidence shows your creativity decreases over time

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